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S550 Mustang Key Fob Overlays
  • S550 Mustang Key Fob Overlays

    The S550 Mustang Key Fob Overlays are a must-have accessory for any Mustang owner. Made from high-quality vinyl, these overlays effortlessly add a pop of color to your key fobs, perfectly matching your car's exterior. Ideal for those who own multiple Mustangs, these overlays help distinguish between your cars with ease. The installation process is quick and easy, and the durable material ensures long-lasting use. Upgrade your Mustang's key fobs with these stylish and functional overlays.
    • About

      These overlays are designed to fit your key fob. The kit comes with enough overlays for two key fobs for the front and rear.

      Installation difficulty: 2 of 5

    • Specs

      Horse emblem is die-cut. The outine that comes gloss black on the factory fobs are die-cut and the front and rear are included for 2 fobs on each kit.

    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

    • What's included

      2 units per set