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Mach 1 Hood Overlay
  • Mach 1 Hood Overlay

    This Mach 1 logo hood decal is the perfect accessory for any Mach 1 owner. Made from high-quality vinyl, this decal overlays over the existing Mach 1 logo on your car's hood, giving you the option to color match your car or the existing OEM accents. It's easy to install making it a great DIY project. With its sleek and stylish design, this decal is sure to turn heads and make your Mach 1 stand out from the rest. Order yours today and take your car's appearance to the next level.

    • About

      This vinyl overlay is designed to add color overlaying the existing Mach 1 logo on the hood.


      Difficulty: 1 of 5

    • Specs

      This decal is an exact cut to fit on the existing logo of the 21-23 Mach 1 hood.


      Please Note: Colors will not be EXACT match to paint. I suggest only choosing a color different from your vehicle color when applying decals right beside paint. For emblem overlays and front splitter decals, since the paint and decals do not overlap the difference is not always noticable. Please contact me if you would like to change the color if you're not satisfied with match.

      *Fighter Jet Gray orange color selection*

      If color match is your priority, select Twister Orange. If you want to match the appearance of the OEM reflective accents, select reflective orange

    • Instructions

      - Clean/prep the surface with a least 91% isopropyl alcohol

      - Peel the vinyl from the paper backing (Dry installation recommended)

      - Line up the top corners first and work towards the bottom to cover the lettering (Can separate and install letters one at a time if preffered) 

      - Once positioned to your liking, squeegee the vinyl down and remove the clear transfer tape

    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

    • What's included

      - One "MACH 1" decal overlay

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