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Mach 1 Dash Plaque Overlay
  • Mach 1 Dash Plaque Overlay

    Add a sleek and polished look to your Mach 1 with our Dash Plaque Overlay. Made of high-quality vinyl, this overlay is designed to color match the interior of your car, creating a seamless and cohesive look. Best of all, our overlay is designed to keep the existing chassis number visible, ensuring that your Mach 1 stays original and authentic. With easy installation and long-lasting durability, our Dash Plaque Overlay is the perfect addition to any Mach 1 owner. 

    • About

      This overlay is designed to add color to your factory Mach 1 dashboard build # plaque.


      Difficulty: 1 of 5

    • Specs

      This decal is designed to fit over the factory dashboard plaque.

      *Fighter Jet Gray orange color selection*

      If color match is your priority, select Twister Orange. If you want to match the appearance of the OEM reflective accents, select reflective orange.

    • Instructions

      - Clean and prep area very well with at least 91% rubbing alcohol

      - Remove the vinyl from the backing paper and line up the overlay to your liking and firmly squeegee into place

    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

    • Whats included

      1 unit per set

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