GT500 Splitter "SHELBY" Inlays
  • GT500 Splitter "SHELBY" Inlays

    GT500 Splitter "SHELBY" Inlays

    • About

      These overlays are designed to fit your 2020 gt500 front splitter "SHELBY" letters.

      PEASE NOTE: Color names only serve as a description to color intensity/hue. They're not 100% match to vehicle paint colors.

      Installation difficulty: 3 of 5


      Difficulty: 3 of 5

    • Specs

      These decals are exact cut to fit inside the engraved "SHELBY" logo on your front splitter

      Please Note: Colors will not be EXACT match to paint. I suggest only choosing a color different from your vehicle color when applying decals right beside paint. For emblem overlays and front splitter decals, since the paint and decals do not overlap the difference is not always noticable. Please contact me if you would like to change the color if you're not satisfied with match.


    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

    • Whats included

      1 of each letter per set