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GT350R Ground Effects Pinstripe Kit
  • GT350R Ground Effects Pinstripe Kit

    Pinstripe kit GT350R Full Ground Effects

    • Whats included

      - Pinstripe kit for factory Front Valance aka splitter (2pcs)

      - Pinstripe kit for factory Rear Valance aka diffuser (2pcs)

      - Pinstripe kit for factory Side Skirts aka side diffusers (2 pcs for passenger and 2 pcs for driver)


      Difficulty: 4 of 5


      Video coming soon.


      Professional installation is recommended!!


      1) Clean surface with 91% isopropyl alcohol

      2) After surface dries start with peeling the backing paper only in 6" increments

      3) Installed in 2 seperate pcs, begin by starting at the center of each panel and work your way towards the outside.

      4) Use your finger to install flush to bottom of splitter so that the stripe is straight and same position relative to the top radius

      5) Manipulate the pinstripe to take form with each turn

      6) Then cut excess film at end of each panel.

      7) Bud against the first pinstripe (2 pcs).

      8) Finish off by heating lightly and pressing on the pinstripe throughout the splitter. DO NOT DRAG your finger when pressing on the pinstripe.

    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film