GT350 Caliper FACE Overlay


GT350 Caliper FACE overlay kit

  • About

    Caliper overlays give you the opportunity to make your calipers pop with a beautiful color without having to powder coat or paint them.


    Difficulty: 3 of 5

  • Whats included

    - two front caliper FACE decals with printed brembo logo overlays

    - two rear caliper FACE decals with printed brembo logo overlays



    Professional installation is recommended!! Must install when calipers or environment is at least 65° F


    1) Clean surface thoroughly with 91% isopropyl alcohol

    2) Peal overlay off backing paper

    3) Spray mild soapy solution on caliper and then place/position overlay until is centered

    4) With the provided squeegee card, push all the water out uniformly from one side to the other. While doing so, use your other hand to hold the overlay from moving.

    5) Allow the overlay to dry up for about one minute before wiping down and careful not to go against the edges while the overlay is still freshly installed.

    6) DONE!!

  • Warranty

    - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

don't forget to add stripes to your order!