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"GT500" Rocker Area ONLY Stripe Kit
  • "GT500" Rocker Area ONLY Stripe Kit

    Upgrade the look of your 2020+ GT500 with our "GT500" Rocker Area ONLY Stripe Kit. Made from high-quality vinyl, this kit provides a unique factory look by replacing the OEM rocker side stripes with the option of having the "GT500" logo on the rocker portion. With easy installation, you can give your car a fresh new look in no time. Perfect for Shelby owners who want to add a touch of personalization to their ride. Order now and stand out on the road with this eye-catching stripe kit.

    • About

      Interested in adding the GT500 logo into your factory side stripes? This is the answer. These are not regular straight lines either, they take into consideration the concavity of the rocker area so that after it is installed, the lines will appear straight.


      Difficulty: 3 of 5

    • Instructions


      1) Using a heatgun, evenly heat up the factory stripes to about 90°F.

      2) Remove factory stripes by slowly and evenly pulling away towards the edge you are pulling from, not towards the edge you are working towards.

      3) Clean the surface well with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

      4) Align and tape the rocker stripe kit with painter's tape dividing the kit into two (left and right). One tape in the middle tacking on the top and bottom of the stripe, and one on one of the back end of the stripe (towards wheel) to hold it from rotating.

      5) Pull the clear transfer tape slowly ensuring that the stripe kit stays on the clear transfer tape and not on the backing paper.

      6) With a pair of scissors, cut the backing paper ONLY to expose your paint behind it.

      7) Lay the stripe down making sure that it stays aligned to factory stripes on the door, and then squeegee the kit out.

      8) Remove the tape, fold back the rest of the stripe, and remove the backing paper.

      9) Lay the rest of the stripe down and squeegee.

      10) Remove the transfer tape and wipe clean carefully as to not peel the edges.

    • Warranty

      - Limited-lifetime warranty against discoloration, bubbling and peeling due to defective film

    • What's included

      - Two rocker side stripes with the GT500 logo (Driver/Passenger)

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