GT500 Rain Tray Snake
  • GT500 Rain Tray Snake

    Cobra snake from 2020 GT500 for the rain tray (CAR SHOW USE ONLY)
    • About

      PLEASE NOTE: The rain tray is a textured surface and heat from the engine during road use will cause the film to peel. Remove rain tray prior to driving to prolong the life of the decals.

      GT500 Snake designed to give your rain tray some appeal. Go for a dark on dark for subtleness or go with a light color on dark to make it pop!

      Difficulty 5 of 5

    • Whats included

      - One GT500 snake decal ~ 11.6 inches X 17.5 inches

    • Instructional Video

      Coming Soon

    • Warranty

      - THIS PRODUCT HAS NO WARRANTY due to its placement on a textured surface and being right above the engine (heat).